Kids learn best by providing them a memorable event they will remember for a long time. Our discovering series works hand in hand with smart gaming.

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Turtle Treasure (download now !)

Discover the world our beloved turtle and find all the lost treasure. Help our hero collect lost items, steer his ship through dangers and man the cannons. Enjoy the many challenges that await you and make sure to collect all stars ! If you look closely you might even find our hero ! Kids will be challenged on several levels, play in the dark or try to find the lost items within a given time ! Learn the words for the missing items, and if you really want a challenge play it in another language.

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Discovering Pirates (new, over 2 million games played!)

Step into our pirate adventure and learn a valuable lesson, a pirates lesson! This game is known for its quality in content, style and use of tablet functions to provide the ultimate quest possible for our kids audience. Curious to know more? Read on.
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Discovering Bees

Discover the world of bees and enjoy the many games that bees play. Help them out to collect honey and protect them from their natural enemies. Learn many strategy and skills from the collection of 20+ minigames Discovering Bees consists. Kids will be challenged on different levels.
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